Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Tour

On Nov. 13th, our Lincoln Seminar Class took a day off school to travel down to Springfield, IL. While in Springfield, we toured the Lincoln Museum. There we saw the life and death of one of the country's greatest presidents.

While touring this magnificent place, we took some of the best pictures with Lincoln and his family.

After having lunch at different restaurants of our choice in Springfield, we went to the Lincoln Library located right across the street from the Museum, for our brief session on Lincoln. In the library, we met with Dr. Erin Bishop, Ph.D. Director of Education Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum. The lesson dealt with Lincoln's position on slavery. In this session, we learned how difficult it would be to determine if Lincoln was a racist or not while also learning why people of those days considered him to be racist. Another aspect that we learned from Dr. Bishop is that many thought of Lincoln to be the "Great Emancipater."

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