Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Students Complete Research

During 2nd term in our class, we have been working diligently on our research papers. We all have our unique subjects, anywhere from female spies, to Lincoln's religious life. Working hard in and out of class and given us all a look into the lives of people during the Civil War.

"My research project was on Abraham Lincoln's spiritual beliefs," Bryan explained. "This subject is very controversial for historians. Some say that he had no particular religion while others say he was presbyterian. In fact, Lincoln had no particular religion, but he believed in the most high God."

We are also learning a lot about the South and their views of the nation during this difficult time in American history. We will be sharing information about each of our intresting topics in the near future. We are all excited to hear about our fellow classmates' interests.

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Alexis K Lerro said...

Hi! I'd like to email you about the bicentennial events going on in Philadelphia. Would you mind emailing me so I can tell you about our project?

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