Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This week was incredibly busy as we listened to speakers and went to see the play Our American Cousin. We started off the week with a speaker, our own Judge Harry Bulkeley. He gave many insights about General Ulysses S. Grant. We learned that General Grant was the most revered man in the 19th century, but the public later created many misconceptions.

As we prepared to see Our American Cousin, Dr. William Wallace, the director of the play, came and spoke about Monmouth College's interpretation of this play. We learned that they were making the play authentic and emphasizing the assassination in the third act.

We were welcomed into the Orpheum Theatre in Galesburg to see an excerpt of this play on Frday April 3. After the excerpt, we were given the chance to ask questions allowing us to gain more insight of the history behind the play and characters.

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