Friday, May 22, 2009

The Seniors Last Hoo-rah

Wednesday, May 20Th. 11:45 am. A day that will live in all of our hearts, as we say goodbye to 13 seniors. It was not a sad day, although some did get a little emotional. The day was spent eating food which varied from corn bread, green bean casserole (two different varieties), and a sweet potato pie made by our very own Mr. Busse.

During the dinner, we finished watching the movie Glory, the Civil War film highlighting the immense prejudices and heroic story of the 54Th Massachusetts regiment, the first all African American regiment commanded by white officers. Mr.Busse told us this movie is often called the most historically accurate film about the Civil War. Though we never got to finish the movie, we had a great last day filled with great food, great flicks, and great friends.

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