Thursday, April 30, 2009

Galesburg High School Lincoln Seminar students share with Carl Sandburg College students

Active in the education of elementary schools, the Lincoln Seminar reaches out to a higher level of education. The students were asked if it was possible to present our projects to a Adult Education class at Carl Sandburg College. Diego, Brandon, and Taylor stepped up to the offer and succeded in sharing the class's knowledge of Abraham Lincoln.

Diego has a special liking of the Underground Railroad and chose this topic to talk to the students about. He provided information and pictures about it from our own town's perspective. With his immense study of the Emancipation Proclamation, Brandon shared with the class his intuitive knowledge of the document. Taylor explained to the students about the Civil War from the Southern perspective. Each topic was well presented and well received by the students and staff at Carl Sandburg.

These three class members have not only been to Carl Sandburg College but have also visited Churchill Junior High School.

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