Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reflecting on Springfield Trip

"I especially enoyed the wreath-laying ceremony. It was really neat to meet the new governor and to listen to what he had to say." -Lily

"My favorite part of the Lincoln trip/birthday party was learning how to do the Virginia Reel. It was extremely fun." -Travis

"Seeing Abe's desk in his Springfield home was my favorite moment." -Jessie

"I most enjoyed going to the Lincoln ball. It made me feel like I had gone back in time as I watched everyone, dressed in period costume, dance around the floor." -Emily

  • "My favorite part was going to the Lincoln tomb and seeing the headstone where my favorite president lay." -Olivia

  • "My favorite part was how the unity of all the people in Springfield that day was so astounding and how the appreciation of this great man created an atmoshpere of love and learning." -Rachel

  • "For me, personally, one of the best parts of the trip was how during our free time, we saw about four men who we could tell were Lincoln impersonators but were out of costume." -Michelle

  • "When we were at the ball, I decided to go through the museum again. I thought that was an amazing experience the second time around because I got to take time to reflect on the images and information more." -Brandon

  • "My favorite part of the trip to Springfield was the concert celebrating Lincoln. It was great to see people giving tribute to him, and the singing of the certain songs captured the unity that Lincoln had always strived for." -Emma

  • "The trip down to Springfield for President Lincoln's birthday is and always will be forever remembered." -Diego

  • "The trip to Springfield was an all-around treat, but there were certain moments that most definitely stood out. The wreath-laying ceremony at Lincoln's tomb was exciting and yet somber. Witnessing all the veterans and meeting Gov. Quinn was definitely a highlight of the trip as well." -Noah

  • "My favorite part was dancing at the ball." -Amelia

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