Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Life of John Brown

Last week in class, we learned about the radical Abolitionist John Brown and his crusade against slavery. We learned that he was a very religious man throughout his whole life and always held a Bible everywhere he went.

Our student teacher Mr. Griese, or MG for short, had the class do a activities (life maps) so we could understand Mr. Brown's life. MG taught about Brown's famous raid on Haprer's Ferry, in which John Brown, along with twenty-one of his fellow believers, raided an in Virginia amory (Haprer's Ferry), and took sixty people hostage.

They hoped to steal the weapons out of the amory and give them to the local slaves, so they would rebel against their slave masters. The plan failed after a company of the U.S. Army lead by Gen. Robert Lee came and captured John Brown and his men. Later, John Brown was hanged for his actions.

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