Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blast from the Past: Abe Comes to Town

Classroom 35 had a festive atmosphere last Friday when Mr. Abe Lincoln and Mr. Stephan Douglas themselves made an appearance before our class and the mayor of Galesburg. The room was complete with streamers, supportive Lincoln posters, and a giant banner reading "GHS for Lincoln!" which made Mr. Douglas wary of entering. The class donned our new blue Lincoln tees. When Douglas caught sight of these, he claimed we would wear "Douglas Seminar" t-shirts, if he had provided them--given that high school students will wear any t-shirt.

As the hour proceeded, students asked difficult questions testing Mr. Lincoln's and Mr. Douglas' true knowledge of themselves. When one student referred to Mr. Douglas as "Judge Douglas," Mr. Lincoln called him a true Republican. Following the interrogation, everyone enjoyed top hat treats made by Mrs. Eiker, a teacher at the high school. After a few snapshots of our newfound friends, the bell rang concluding class and sending everyone their separate ways.

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