Friday, September 12, 2008

Cemetery Tour

Remembering the Founders...
On Friday, September 5, our class traveled back in time to Hope Cemetary. Judge Bulkeley gave us a tour introducing the class to some prominant figures of Galesburg's past. We discovered that there is a Revolutionary War Veteran buried as well in this cemetary.
We were very impressed at how some of these people risked their lives inorder to live in Galesburg. The travel to get to this remote community was dangerous as well as expensive. Among the graves we saw were the Gale family, the Ferris family, Chauncey Colton, and Joseph Dudley, the first child born in Galesburg to G.W. Gale.
Many of us marvled at how old some of the markers were and we wondered about the history of them. Most had lost their description over time.

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Lincoln1 said...

I was impressed by the wealth of information that was presented in this tour. I hope that many other community members get the opportunity to listen to Harry Bulkeley's stories about G'burg settlers.