Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Reading

Share your insights about Lincoln from the summer reading of the biography written by Benjamin P. Thomas.
I was impressed by the humility of Lincoln. In his letters to friends he often remarks on his own shortcomings. For example, when he is describing his loneliness during the first few days in Springfield, Illinois, he explained that he had not even gone to church because he was unsure about how to behave in society.
He frequently remarks that he feels awkward in the presence of ladies. On page 70, one of the most revealing lines reads: "Never again would he think of marriage, he declared, for he could never be satisfied with any woman who would be such a 'block-head' as to accept him."


chamberlain said...

I think people are starting to avoid me because they know I'm 24/7
talking Lincoln!! I'm starting to see a connection to Lincoln in everything I see, read, and hear!!

lincolnbuff2 said...


Lincoln 24/7, huh? Boy, do I know what you mean! It's certainly not a bad thing, though. I loved Lincoln from the time I first heard of him as a very small child. When I lived in Galesburg, I was so proud of his connection to our community.

In school and adult life, nearly every project, paper or speech I did that could have a Lincoln connection had one. Through the years - lots of them - I've inspired friends, customers, coworkers and fellow Toastmasters to learn more about Lincoln and even become Lincoln buffs themselves.

I am so excited about your seminar. May your students have this same pride in Lincoln and his Galesburg connection and may they inspire it in others.

Keep the legacy alive - 24/7/365!